terça-feira, 15 de junho de 2010

Lost dose

There were coins everywhere
My beauty was fixed
But the price was my peace
Stolen by a taxi driver,
who ran away to nowhere
All of sudden, I showed up there...
Facing the mirror is a struggle now
So, Morpheus took me away
In fact, I was taken by an Overdose...
Hypnos made me see through the window
And I saw her...
A lady
Old hair style
Smiling and calling me
I thought I was living the present
No!! There is a picture of her
on my friend's locket necklace!!
So... She is Thanatos's daughter now
She gave me a key
I was not that scared...
That house was a lonely mansion
What was that colour?
It really seemed to be salmon
I walked silently to its direction
Almost lost
It was so near me and I could not see
"Walk on the stairs" She said
When I got in the mansion
A rare and dusty book
Which I could not touch
Because the lady
And her old hairstyle and her smile as well
Made me pounce that key
She trusted on me... But
Her possessive face showed fear
My face was transported to that celebration
What happened?
Where am I?
Who are those people?
I do not know where I was
I've just woken up

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