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The Gift you gave to me...

The love… the life… the death.

The butterflies have short lives…

What’s a short life when I have you?

The end…

When I find you will it be the end or the beginning?

The Gift of Work: you can just do anything!

You won’t be lonely if you work

The Gift of Money: you are a homeless, without a roof over your head, you have no Friends, no Love, but you may have a true Friend among all the trash is around you…

Can you picture that?



The Gift of Friends: How do you recognize a real friend? Just the time yep? But the Time is relative, it’s Abstract, I can see you and I can be your friend. This is the beginning…

The pain, the suffering, the anguish, you cannot see me suffering if you are my Friend… but you have to! Don’t walk away… you are the Hope!

The Gift of Learning: I don’t wanna ruin everything… Learn with the mistakes, Learn with your life, experience, exchange what you know, don’t be selfish. Do you really know how to learn?? Exchange. Do not Keep what you know, what you have in your mind, in your books. Butterflies have short lives, but they can teach us about Life, about how to not lose It when we have It. Fly! Live! Learn! Breathe! Love! Live! Die and Live over and over through learning.

It’s so difficult to learn in the right way…

If at least I had you…

But I don’t.

The Gift of Problems: You lose everything and then you are ready to start. Just wonder: it’s the perfect place to start. You have the Loss. The Loss has you. You were with the Wrong people. I was with the Wrong people. WE have all the strength… The problems are always little if you compare yourself with the others. Do not compare… be brave! Do not survive… but Live!

The Gift of Family: The best decision… Do not be alone for so long…But treat them well… They have to deserve you… you have to deserve them as well.

The Gift of Laughter: Salude!!

Your payroll is not the only thing that makes you happy, that would be an immediate delight but not a total bliss…

Your happiness sometimes is around you… Can’t you see that? It’s so simple… and we complicate it! Firstly: Smile to yourself and then to the others… Your laughter is your shield. Nobody can attack you. Sadness and happiness are sisters holding hands. But we have to know how to act, react and get through it.

The Gift of Dreams: Now You are free to dream!! about whatever, whenever, whoever you want.

There’s no border in your imagination… but you cannot be on the borderline!! There’s a light line between the imagination and the craziness… The butterflies always know where to go… sometimes the Light means their Death. Just Fly… Help the others if you do not have your own dreams… helping the others you help yourself…

The Gift of Giving: Give all of your love, all of your life, all that you want, all that you have… The greatest Gift you give to me is your smile… I love it… and I love to make you happy and joyful… this makes me blissful.

The Gift of Gratitude: Thank you… You…

The Gift of a Day: What’s in a day? 24 hours? And in my, our abstract Day, are the hours countable?

What Would be the dream of a perfect Day? For you? What would it be? It’s finishing… hurry up… decide it… or live it… and then no rush…Butterflies have a short, brief and good, fine life!

THE GIFT OF LOVE: The Ultimate Gift. Prison or Freedom? The true Love never makes you feel chained up… In fact, you want this “Prison”… How often do you find the right person? Once…The most important Gift. If you don’t take it, so you need another life… Change it… now it’s time to hurry!! The fate=the destiny= the love=the life=the death= Good Bye!

GOOD bye! This BYE is good if you have taken your glasses out, if you have taken a look around and if you have found THAT person… the ONE… who is there for you all the time… JUST BE A BUTTERFLY AND BE THERE TOO. DON’T STOP FLYING… simple GIFTS make you crazy… so make the others crazy too… Love!

Butterflies live and die without witnesses… they pass through alterations, renovations since the beginning… for keeping on living… There are people who collect them… They think it’s pretty interesting to have them glued… the beauty in seeing others caught by the “smarts”

Data: 25/10/2008 – Joana

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